Coffee machines for home use

Browse our range of Italian Gaggia Coffee machines and cappuccino makers. If you're looking for something to simplify your life with the latest espresso functionality, then the Gaggia Brera might be just the ticket, or for something a little more traditional; try the Gaggia Classic with MDF burr grinder. Or maybe a low-cost Gaggia New Espresso Colour; stylish, functional and affordable.

Whether you are in, it won't matter - we are a bricks-and-mortar company selling professional Gaggia for over 15 years - we have the knowledge and aftersales service to make your coffee experience move to the next level of satisfaction and enjoyment.

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Ask Francesca, our Italian coffee expert, any questions you have about your machine. Such as...

Hands-on training


We run regular training sessions, so as a new Gaggia owner, you can be sure you're getting the most out of your machine. Read more about getting to know the potential of your Gaggia machine.



Using the right coffee machine accessories will help to improve your enjoyment of your coffee machine, and your coffee-making skills. You can swirl your milk like a pro Barista using the bell bottom cappuccino foaming jug, or tamp with precision using a perfectly fitting 58mm aluminium tamper. Find out more.

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Gaggia Brera

Gaggia Brera


The Gaggia Brera is the lastest in Gaggia's range of touch-button automatic espresso and cappuccino coffee machines, and is aimed at... | View full details »

Gaggia Classic

Gaggia Classic


The Gaggia Classic home coffee machine is of stainless steel construction that is built to endure. The Classic is easy to use and consistently gives great shots of coffee. Compact design with a single boiler... | View full details »

Gaggia New Baby Class

Gaggia New Baby Class


The Gaggia New Baby Class is a single-boiler coffee machine finished in a brushed stainless steel, it has a Touch-Ring electronic control panel and pre-infusion functionality with a powerful 15 bar... | View full details »

Gaggia New Espresso Colour

Gaggia New Espresso Colour


The Gaggia New Espresso Colour is a lively and vibrant addition to any kitchen. The Espresso Colour makes two espresso simultaneously and foams milk easily and quick with its powerful... | View full details »

Gaggia MDF Grinder

Gaggia MDF Grinder


The Gaggia MDF Grinder gives you the option for freshly ground coffee on demand. This burr grinder allows for 39 individual settings to get the perfect extraction. The ground coffee is held in a dosing chamber until you are ready to make... | View full details »

Gaggia TS

Gaggia TS


The Gaggia TS is a one group Italian coffee maker with a heat exchange system allowing simultaneous coffee making and... | View full details »

Espresso PureS

Gaggia Espresso Pure


Similar to the Espresso Colour the Gaggia Espresso Pure coffee maker delivers great espresso and cappuccino coffee with simplicity and ease... | View full details »